We try to hire only experienced people who have not just a degree, but practical skills, enthusiasms and passion for learning and working. This our team member is particularly experienced with school and college issues and knows how hard it can be to keep up your grades, keep track on social events, work, do sports, etc. There are a lot of things to do as a student, so to have time for everything you need efficient advice from a person who “have been there, done that”.

Knowing how hard it is, Kate is trying to ease your life providing proved tips and tricks with your studies. If you’re struggling with anything, starting with your accounting homework and finishing with your upcoming exams, you can find efficient help and guidance written by him. Shee tries to keep you updated on different techniques and apps that can be helpful to an average student. Whether you need to write an academic paper or solve a complicated equation, she knows what can help you to that.

She’s been writing for our site for a while now and a huge part of effort and work put into it is hers. We’re proud to have Kate in our team, as it won’t be nearly the same without this person.

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