7 Tips to Keep You Motivated When Doing Your Homework

Most students will agree to the fact that homework struggles are one of the main reasons why they often find excuses to procrastinate doing it. But since these take-away assignments are crucial for high grades in school, they have no choice but to swallow the bitter pill and just do it. In this article, we discuss and highlight some key tips that might help you stay motivated when tackling your homework assignments.

Always use a suitable learning style

Just as we all differ from one another, we also differ in learning. Everyone has his or her preferable learning style. A style that should help you concentrates and gain more knowledge. This could be through listening, observing, book worming, or discussing. No matter the style, find the one that best suits you, and enables you to grasp more from your sessions. Use it consistently to motivate yourself while doing your homework.

Consider using the Pomodoro tool

The Pomodoro technique is one of the best psychological and self-training motivational tools around. In this technique, you only need to divide your homework time into workable bits to keep you energized. Typically, you can break it into 25-minute sessions with 5-minute breaks but after working through 4 consecutive sessions, you can take a longer break of up to 30 minutes. Start using this tool and you will have fun while doing homework.

Print and stick encouraging word around your working space

Words are powerful and if you doubt this, write some encouraging words, print them, and stick the pieces around your working space. Seeing and reading these while working on your homework triggers your mind and keeps you positive throughout the session.

Spare your productive hours for complex assignments

We are busy creatures by nature and trying to work on demanding tasks after a long day of work can be very frustrating. Spare yourself these challenges by sparing your productive hours for more complex tasks. This way you get to work on them energetically and without any stress.

Find and keep a motivated homework buddy 

Collaborating in any homework is usually discouraged but having a similarly motivated individual keeps you energized. This company cultures a moment for coming up with good ideas and uniqueness in your answers. However, be careful to select someone who is similarly motivated and psyched about their studies.

Take up responsibility

To be honest, those who do their homework responsibly end up getting high scores in school unlike those who don’t. Knowing that you are responsible for your success or failure can be a great source of motivation especially if you are looking forward to getting better grades. Tell this to yourself and you will be amazed at how inspired you will be when tackling your homework.

Develop a schedule and stick to it

As the adage says, “habit is the second nature” and habits can only be created by regularly following a scheduled plan. Make one today and you will have an easier time working on your assignments going forward.


Use these tips and improve your productivity today. If you’re pressed with time, reach out to 5homework and we will be glad to offer quick accurate solutions to your problems.

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