Outlawing Homework: Benefits and Drawbacks 

The majority of students don’t like homework. More recently, parents and experts have joined either in support or opposition. It is mainly because of the mode and quantity of homework teachers give students every day. Statistics show teachers assign more homework than students of average ability can handle every night. So do you agree or disagree with the concept of outlawing homework?

Most of the students cited in some of the research on banning homework, state that boredom, coupled with laziness accounts for the main reason why assignments need to get abolished. However, there is more reason why its beneficial to outlaw homework. 

Why Homework Needs to Get Abolished

  • Getting some downtime period at home

Having an extra two hours of doing homework serves as a punishment to students who already have seven to eight hours of learning in school. Getting some time to venture out and meet friends, help parents, do a hobby, or watch a favorite TV program can make a kid feel like a kid. For this reason, teachers have to give them more freedom and not baggage them with loads of homework.

  • The negative effect of homework on examination

Most students get distracted from studying by doing lots of lengthy assignments. Such assignments act as distractions the same way as mobile phones, television, video games, and home duties do. Distractions lead to poor performance in school.

  • Homework threat to a child’s nerves

Teachers have to stop assigning students’ homework as it affects their mental health status due to the pressure it exerts on them. Ignoring such mental distress triggers can lead to adverse brain damage and their mental health in general.  

  • More challenges

Some students, especially in college, juggle other activities such as business, part-time jobs, or internships, and therefore keeping up with additional assignments becomes a challenge because of exhaustion. 

  • Absence of support

Most teachers flop in explaining the necessary details vital for solving or doing an assignment during class time. As such, a student only has peers, parents, and online service, which offer expert consultation. Most parents don’t understand what the student has to do while fellow peers are inexperienced and with lots of work themselves, so a kid remains without much help in carrying out the assignment.

  • Lack of a real impact on the academic performance of the child

Research shows that the extra time spent on assignments has a negligible impact on productivity.

  • Irrelevant content

Homework needs to get outlawed if the content doesn’t reflect on the subjects a student covers in school. 

Why Homework Needs to Stay

  • It reduces the frequency where students spend time in front of the television
  • It improves a student’s time management skills, something that they will require in the future.
  • Homework improves a student’s critical thinking and capacity to memorize.
  • Assignments also develop a student’s independence as they get to work alone on their assignments.
  • Homework also sparks enthusiasm in a student
  • It enhances a student’s ability to research on the various subjects assigned as homework. It allows the freedom to pick information sources and derive the necessary evidence required for their assignments.
  • Homework allows students to understand the aspect of multitasking as they have to complete several diverse tasks the same night.


Homework should be subjective, and whoever feels like it can help their development allowed to continue doing them, especially high school learners.

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